The Book for Those Serious About Investing During Retirement
An Evident-Based Approach for Experienced Investors
Following the Global Data
Demonstrating Exactly What’s Right, and What’s Wrong, With Many Well-Known Retirement Strategies
Identifying Modern Best Practices

Praise for Living Off Your Money

"A treasure trove of information. Michael’s done an excellent job of addressing many of the key factors a thoughtful investor should be familiar with." —HAROLD EVENSKY; President of Evensky & Katz; Noted as the "Dean of Financial Planning"; Texas Tech Adjunct Graduate Professor; Author of Retirement Income Redesigned, The New Wealth Management, The Investment Think Tank, and Hello Harold

“Michael’s done an amazing job of describing the different approaches to generating retirement income, and running careful comparison tests to demonstrate which approaches work best.” —JOSEPH TOMLINSON; Actuary, Certified Financial Planner; Author of “The Search for a Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate” in Retirement Income Journal and “Retirement Income Products: A Wish List” in Financial Planning

“An excellent and comprehensive analysis of numerous retirement income strategies. It is a ‘must-read’ for all financial planners specializing in the retirement arena.” —JIM OTAR; Author of Unveiling the Retirement Myth, Certified Financial Planner, Engineer

Table of Contents
Showing Exactly What's Covered
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