About the Author, From the Author

Looking for my own answers, I have developed a keen awareness of the challenges investors face during retirement planning. It took five years of dedicated research to complete this book, digging into the data, modeling numerous strategies, running a diverse set of simulations, iterating as needed, all for each step of the problem.

Bachelors’ and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, as well as many years of problem solving and technology product development, helped with the research for this book. I’ve been fortunate to work at many institutions including Cisco Systems, IBM, Bell Laboratories, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, plus several smaller outfits, including one successful startup that resulted in an industry-leading voice-over-IP product line. Modeling and simulation experience from many sectors of the technology industry made financial analysis easier. My first exposure to Monte-Carlo techniques goes back to 1979 as an undergraduate working on an IBM 1130 under the helpful guidance of Professor Chandler.